Quick payback

Increase your customer satisfaction and profit margins. And reduce your company’s footprint while your at it.

  • Never wait for express deliveries of that special color.
  • Don't worry about your experienced ink mixer being on holiday.
  • No more spacious racks full of half empty cans with old and solidified ink
  • And no more troubles in disposing of old inks and dirty ink cans.

EasyDoser will deliver the benefits from the day we deliver and install.

sustainabilityReduce Purchasing costs

With EasyDoser you will mix your own colors in stead of purchasing expensive pre-mix colors in relatively small quantities. EasyDoser also enables you to purchase higher volume containers of base colors and get better prices from your ink suppliers.

Reduce Supply Costs

With EasyDoser you can mix your colors based on demand of your printing stations for each print job. Therefore, you will need much less space to store left-over ink you have mixed. And as you will have less supplies on lesser space, you will also have less money tied up in them.

Reduce Failure Costs

EasyDoser is just like a robot. It can prepare the exact same color recipy endless times and it will always be spot on. You will never have to do re-runs because the color is off. And as you will be using only fresh or vacuum stored ink, there won’t be any hard and dried-out ink parts causing trouble at your press or even ruïn your print run.

Reduce Labor Costs

Mixing a color takes a little less than 5 minutes with EasyDoser. While even the most experienced of mixers, will need at least fifteen minutes to mix the same recipy manually. So not only will you reduce labour time at the mixing table, there will also be less time wasted byoperators searching or waiting for their ink .

Reduce Waste Costs

As you are now mixing the exact quantities you need, you will reduce your ink waste by an average 30%. Even when you decide to mix more ink than you need for a job, by vacuming the container, you can store it for as long as you like. And because EasyDoser doesn’t spoil, you will never open a container only to discover that the color has been contaminated.

Reduce Footprint

Because EasyDoser streamlines your ink management and mixing processes, your company will operate leaner and cleaner. And as your ink waste will drop an average of 30%, your footprint will become substantially smaller.

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