EasyDoser dispensing unit

Easydoser inkdispenser for offset UV inksThe EasyDoser ® is very easy to use and cleaning takes only a few seconds after producing your special colour. The carrousel has 14 positions for storage for Pantone ® primary colours.

With the newly developed 2-way dispensing nozzle you can dispense exactly the quantity you need. For high precision small doses (0.1 gram), a light press of the dosing-lever will release a fine spurt of ink.

A firm press will make large doses possible in a short period of time. After dosing a new colour, you don’t have to reseal the lids of the primary colours; the cans are always sealed with a press plate that prevents air and dirt getting into the ink.


The EasyDoser ® is a complete new Table top ink dispensing system for reproducing your PMS/HKS (spot) colours from 1,0 - 5,0 kg tins, including UV ink in plastic cans. It is a very easy way to make your own special colours in just a few minutes with no waste and no mess.




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