EasyFlowThe EasyFlow Ink Management System database stores an unlimited number of Materials, formulas and Designs. Orders for as many as four hundred batches of material can be queued for dispense on demand. Computer-controlled operation puts the user in command of a powerful, flexible, and responsible material room facility. The system software stores information on the critical dispensing tolerances for each material component, expressed as a percentage of the requested weight.


EasyFlow's 6 main functions:


will present the operator with the mixes to be dispensed by:

  • Production Schedule
  • Item
  • External Source
  • List


will present the operator with the ability to modify an existing batch or Production Schedule formula.


will present the operator with the ability to manually issue or return product.


is a batch control tool that presents a listing of all mixes that have been dispensed in the past. The listing includes a search tool that allows the operator to search for a specific mix identifier.


activates a screen that displays the current operating status to the operator. It is blank during standby periods, but is automatically activated during a dispensing operation to show the operator what is being dispensed and what has been dispensed so far.


presents a graphical interface to configuring several aspects of the system. By default, the display of the current estimated stock levels of supply containers on the dispenser is shown.



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